Title screen.

Turf Wars
is a semi-popular game created by History Channel to promote the series, Jurassic Fight Club, where players take control of any six playable dinosaurs to start a series of five battles with computer controlled enemies.

Playable Characters Edit

Majungatholus (male): Hit somewhat hard, is a standard character.

Majungatholus (female): Same as the male but is slightly weaker but attack slightly faster

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex): Hits very hard, has very strong moves, but overall is a very large target and it's "specials" are somewhat hard to do.

Stegosaurus: Hit fairly hard, has great defense, but is a large target and has poor speed.

Utahraptor: Hit hard and hits fast, but overall has poor defense.

Pachyrhinosaurus: Basically the same as the stegosaurus but has higher speed and lower defense.

Highscores Edit

If a player has a high enough score, he or she makes the high score list.

Cheat CodesEdit

  • "CRUSH": Can be used for invincibility.