Episode #
August 5, 2008

"T-Rex Hunter" is the second episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

A pair of Tyrannosaurus parents go on a hunt and leave their young unattended. The babies know there are dangers out there. But the adults got to leave their youngsters to go out and hunt for prey. They use scent marks to keep other dinosaurs out of the nesting area. But a Nanotyrannus uses the scent marks as a homing device and rushes in. He then terrorizes the adults' offspring in order to eliminate the future competition (as Tyrannosaurus grow up to be more than three times the size of Nanotyrannus).

After a set of mock lunges, he grabs one of the youngsters and throws it on the forest floor. He goes after the second who cries for help but then the other juvenile Tyrannosaurus bites Nanotyrannus on the leg. The enemy grabs the juvenile on the neck and kills it quickly by grabbing it by its neck, shaking it and stomping on its head. He then attacks the remaining juvenile, slamming it to the ground where it cries for help again.

But before Nanotyrannus can kill the juvenile, the mother Tyrannosaurus arrives from her hunt and knows that one of her babies is dead and eaten by the Nanotyrannus. She also knows that Nanotyrannus is a killer of her babies. Then she did her most important thing: Put herself between the remaining baby and the Nanotyrannus. Then the Nanotyrannus has choices he can make. Number One: Kill the last baby T-Rex and win the day. Number Two: Run away from the nesting area. He also decided to pick his speed and agility against the mother T-Rex's strength. If he can run at super fast speed, she cannot catch him and he can go in, grab the juvenile, shake it in the mouth, kill it and win.

Unfortunately, the mother is fast enough to catch the attacker and knocks him off with a headbutt. The Nanotyrannus tries again, but Tyrannosaurus bites his neck. She then grabs Nanotyrannus in her jaws and crushes him. But she wasn't finished yet. She has one last thing: Use the body of the Nanotyrannus as a message to any other Nanotyrannus that comes to this area. Then she came to her remaining baby and won the day.