Episode #
September 16, 2008
Utahraptor, Gastonia

"Raptor's Last Stand" is the eighth episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

A Gastonia searches for water in a drought of the middle Cretaceous. Pterosaurs on its back act as lookouts. But Utahraptor is also searching for sustenance, his eyesight is just as good as the pterosaur’s. While Gastonia's vision isn't so good its sense of smell is every bit as good as the Utahraptor's. Gastonia's pterosaurs and sense of smell pick up the approaching raptor. Gastonia's sentries fly off at the sight of the raptor.

As the Gastonia had been alerted to the Utahraptor's presence, the raptor's hope of ambushing it is crushed. Gastonia shifts sideways towards the attacker, but Utahraptor jumps over the Gastonia, lands on the other side, and slashes the Gastonia's soft under belly with his hand claw. The raptor jumps again but the Gastonia didn't fall for the same trick again and shifts sideways and cuts the Utahraptor. The raptor falls down and the Gastonia continues his search for water.

But then the raptor gets up and bites the Gastonia on the front leg. The Gastonia screams in pain and tries to shift sideways on only three legs. After that it's the moment they were both waiting for, the raptor only has to make the same wound on the back leg, but the Gastonia manages to catch the Utahraptor's leg in its pair of prehistoric scissors (on its tail), delivering an excruciating injury. The raptor manages to get free and moves back, but Gastonia then delivers a number of repeated cuts to the side of the raptor, after which it limps backwards a couple of steps, then falls down and the Gastonia digs more in search of water. But despite the carnage neither Utahraptor or Gastonia died in battle-they were killed by the ongoing drought at the time. Therefore, there was no clear victor.