The following is a list of episodes in Jurassic Fight Club.

Season 1: 2008Edit

EP# Title Airdate
1 "Cannibal Dinosaur" July 29, 2008
Tv jurassicFightClub 02
A male and female Majungatholus battle as the female tries to protect her offspring.


"T-Rex Hunter" August 5, 2008
A Family of Tyrannosaurus leave their young to go and find prey. Unfortunely, a Nanotyrannus spots the babies and attacks.
3 "Gang Killers" August 12, 2008
A gruesome conflict between a pack of Deinonychus and a Tenontosaurus ensues.
4 "Bloodiest Battle" August 19, 2008
The bones of an Allosaurus pack, a Stegosaurus family, a Ceratosaurus and a Camarasaurus leads to the story of an all-out battle between these animals.
5 "Deep Sea Killers" August 26, 2008
The struggle of two apex predators, Megalodon and Brygmophyseter fight for the supremacy in the coastal waters of Japan.
6 "Hunter Becomes Hunted" September 2, 2008
Paleontologists show the battle between an Allosaurus defending its territory, and an intruding pair of Ceratosaurus fighting for it.
7 "Biggest Killers" September 9, 2008
Scientists compare Allosaurus, Utahraptor, Majungatholus, Albertosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex to find out which was the most dangerous.
8 "Raptor's Last Stand" September 16, 2008
JFC Gastonia
Scientists show the battle between a Utahraptor and a Gastonia during a drought.
9 "Ice Age Monsters" September 23, 2008
The Arctodus and Panthera face-off in the Ice Age of North America.
10 "River of Death" September 30, 2008
Skeletons of a Pachyrhinosaurus herd found near a river lead scientists to discover a battle between them and a pack of Albertosaurus.
11 "Raptors vs. T-Rex" October 7, 2008
An Edmontosaurus is attacked by a pack of Dromaeosaurus in a valley while facing against a Tyrannosaurus.
12 "Armageddon" October 22, 2008
Scientists explain the extinction of the dinosaurs.