Episode #
September 23, 2008
Arctodus, Panthera

"Ice Age Monsters" is the ninth episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

An Arctodus and American lion fight over a kill made by the lion. The lion has killed a bison with his weight He eats, attracting a giant Arctodus. The fight is not only for food, but to eliminate competition for already scarce resources, due to warming climate conditions. The Arctodus charges at the lion and rears up to scare him, only to be pushed down on the belly. The lion locks its jaws on its enemy's back as the bear gets to its feet, but the Arctodus' fur and fat are too thick for the lion to cause enough damage.

After shaking off the feline, the Arctodus retaliates by smashing his paw into the lion's skull. The cat recovers and they circle each other, mock charging one another. The lion pounces on Arctodus, being pinned, crushed and then bitten on the chest by the giant. The bite disabling the lion temporarily. The Arctodus starts to feed on the bison carcass, but the lion recovers and launches a surprise attack. He attempts to bite the windpipe of the Arctodus, but the bear's powerful paws hold off the lion and throws him away, injuring him. After a few more rounds of battle, the lion finally manages to lock its jaws on the throat. However, the Arctodus rears up before the lion can kill him and throws the lion into the Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming, where he dies from the fall.