Episode #
September 2, 2008
Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus

"Hunter Becomes Hunted" is the sixth episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

A mated pair of Ceratosaurus venture into new territory to find suitable hunting grounds. The male Ceratosaurus chases his prey, leading it to the hidden female for an ambush. This territory however, belongs to an Allosaurus, who quietly stalks the intruding female. The Allosaurus strikes, ambushing the female Ceratosaurus, breaking her neck in its jaws, killing her instantly.

Unaware that she is dead, the male Ceratosaurus continues with the hunt, but instead, he finds the Allosaurus bellowing. The Allosaurus roars out in warning to the male Ceratosaurus to defend its territory. The smaller hunter stands his ground, so the enemy charges forward, snapping its jaws inches from the intruder's face. The Ceratosaurus, outclassed by the Allosaurus, runs into the trees and manages to dodge the larger rival's attacks and both of them make several lunges at each other, with none of them connecting.

Eventually, the Ceratosaurus manages to use the claws on his hand to slash the face of the surprised Allosaurus, temporarily disorienting it, jumps onto his enemy's back and sinks his massive teeth into the back of his rival's neck. But the Allosaurus manages to shake the Ceratosaurus off and bites deep into his shoulder before he can back up. The Ceratosaurus struggles, but is unable to free himself from the jaws of the Allosaurus, who breaks his spine. The Allosaurus then tosses the Ceratosaurus into a tree like playing Catch the Ball.

When the Ceratosaurus is dead, the Allosaurus uses the claws on its feet to disembowel the corpse of the Ceratosaurus. Then the Allosaurus roars in victory and has won the battle.