Episode #
August 12, 2008
Deinonychus, Tenontosaurus

"Gang Killers" is the third episode of Jurassic Fight Club.


A Deinonychus pack manages to separate a weak Tenontosaurus individual from a herd, and attack it, but one is killed. The Deinonychus regroup and resort to hitting-and-running, but theTenontosaurus skin is too thick for this technique to do much damage. The pack then launch a full-fledged attack, only for one pack member to be crushed under the herbivore's massive weight and the pack is forced to retreat.

However, the herbivore is heavily wounded, and goes into a thicket of brush to hide. A thunderstorm brews and the Deinonychus attack the Tenontosaurus in the darkness of the storm. Although unable to see, the Tenontosaurus manages to kill four more pack members, slamming one against a rock, in desperation before dying itself. Only three Deinonychus survive, and the alpha male raptor crush the wind pipe. The tenontosaurus died. But the remaining ones were killed in a flash flood.