Episode #
August 26, 2008
Megalodon, Brygmophyseter

"Deep Sea Killers" is the fifth episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

In the dark Pacific waters at the North of Japan, Megalodon, a super-predator, is on the hunt. It detects the presence of a large whale through its advanced sensory systems. The potential prey is a large toothed whale, Brygmophyseter, which has ventured away from its pod. The Megalodon ambushes the Brygmophyseter and tears through its propulsion systems (i.e. pectoral fins and tail).

The badly wounded whale is unable to swim and it sends out a distress call to its family for help, which is also engaged in hunting activities nearby. A large bull Brygmophyseter picks up the distress signal and leads the pod to the point of its origination. When the pod members approach their wounded companion, it becomes clear that the Megalodon is the culprit. The enraged whales commences its attack on the Megalodon in an attempt to drive it away from the wounded member. Knowing that it would be very risky to take on all the whales simultaneously, the giant shark tries to escape by going deeper into the water.

However, the whales have a secret weapon. They narrow their sonar beams on the shark, disrupting its sensory organs in the process, and the shark gets stunned for a brief period. Taking advantage of the vulnerable position of the adversary. The whales ram the stunned shark and bite it repeatedly, inflicting as much injuries as possible in the process. However, the giant shark is very powerful and cannot be easily subdued. It manages to slip away after the effect of sonar wears off, and the whales stop chasing it further because they cannot afford to stay at great depths for long periods due to being surface breathers.

The shark is now at a considerable distance from the wounded companion. The Brygmophyseter whales try to help their wounded companion, but it is already too late. They take a last look at the injured whale, and leave. As the path is cleared, the determined Megalodon comes back to enjoy its meal (the dead sperm whale). Then, the shark went to hunt more whales.