23 feet (7 metres) long;5 tons
Deeply rooted teeth
Giant head
waters off japan
Miocene 15 Ma
First appearance: "Deep Sea Killers" (only appearance)

Brygmophyseter is an extinct genus of toothed whale in the sperm whale family.

Brygmophyseter appeared in the episode "Deep Sea Killers", where it fights a Megalodon in the coastal waters of Japan. They are cousins with the livyatan, a largest member of the sperm whale family.


The fossilized remains of an ancient whale known as Brygmophyseter were discovered and named in 1992 in Japan by Dr. Lawrence G. Barnes. This ancient whale was estimated to be some 23 feet long, which is small-sized, compared to modern day whales, but was enormous for the time.

Fighting styleEdit

These ancient whales lived and hunted in groups called pods and would help defend each other if they were attacked. The whale had blunt, deeply rooted teeth that were designed to lock and hold on to slippery scale-covered prey. It also had a highly developed sonar system that allowed it to find prey in any type of water; it could also concentrate its sonar into a beam of sound energy that would stun and harm its enemies, or ram its attackers with its giant head.


Like the Megalodon, Brygmophyseter was an apex predator, at the top of the food chain. It probably fed on dolphins, sea lion-type animals and other smaller whales, as well as fish, squid and small sharks.


  • The name Brygmophyseter, or "biting sperm whale," refers to the fact that the ancient whale had functional upper and lower teeth, as opposed to modern-day sperm whales, which have only lower teeth.
  • The Episode "Deep Sea Killers" says that Brygmophyseter could travel at a speed of over 30 mph.
  • In the episode "Deep Sea Killers", Brygmophyseter was about the same size as Megalodon. Megalodon was about 50 ft long while
  • in the show it also shows that the Megalodon kills one of the brygmophyseter and the hole pod join in to kill the Megalodon but on this page it says nothing about getting a revenge like attack.