Episode #
August 19, 2008
Stegosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, Camarasaurus

"Bloodiest Battle" is the fourth episode of Jurassic Fight Club.

Plot synopsisEdit

When a female Stegosaurus and her young get stuck in mud on a dried lake, a Ceratosaurus approaches and starts to tear into the body of the younger one, eating it alive. The trapped mother Stegosaurus is helpless and unable to defend her offspring. The Ceratosaurus is also about to finish off the mother as well, but three nearby Allosaurus are attracted by the smell of blood. They also pick up the scent of their rival, but not only is each of the Allosaurus larger than the Ceratosaurus, they also outnumber it.

With only one enemy to contend with, one of the Allosaurus break off from the rest of its group in order to flank it, while the other two move toward the Ceratosaurus to face it head-on to challenge it and make it move back and more out in the open for an ambush. This ploy proves to be a successful one, as the Ceratosaurus is indeed pushed back and even though the outnumbered rival still attempts to defend its kill from the two Allosaurus by baring its massive teeth at them in warning, the third Allosaurus comes out from hiding, charging into the unsuspecting enemy at full force. The stunned Ceratosaurus is knocked to the ground and the Allosaurus then quickly kills the downed rival.

The three Allosaurus then proceed to attack the Stegosaurus, but since one of the Allosaurus had inadvertently shifted the weight of the Stegosaurus mother in the mud by standing on top of it during their confrontation with the Ceratosaurus, it is now able to free her spiked tail from the mud and manages to kill one of the Allosaurus with a direct hit to the back of the head, around the temple.

Just then, three Camarasaurus appear and the alpha male of the group comes down to the water's edge, but gets his front legs stuck in the mud. The two remaining Allosaurus then leave the Stegosaurus to attack the Camarasaurus. Two of the Camarasaurus retreat from the area, leaving the trapped alpha male behind. Though the Camarasaurus suffers numerous cuts from the ensuing attack by the two Allosaurus, who use their large claws to slash at the sauropod's flanks as they pounce on it, the Camarasaurus uses his tail to kill one of the attacking Allosaurus, shifting its weight and freeing his front legs in the process and killed the last Allosaurus by crushing it.

The final Allosaurus charges, but this drives it right under the foot of the sauropod, which crushes its head, killing the final Allosaurus. However, the Camarasaurus and the adult Stegosaurus eventually die from starvation and dehydration due to being stuck. (The real victors were the 2 Ceratosaurus in the background, who probably fed on the dead animals for weeks. Also, dozens of other animals, including more Ceratosaureus and Allosaurus, likely showed up to feast and drink.)