Creature information
AttributesSimilar to Gorgosaurus
Time periodLate Cretaceous
Serial information
Deaths causedOne Pachyrhinosaurus
Appears inFirst appearance: "Biggest Killers"; second appearance: "River of Death"

Albertosaurus ("Alberta lizard") is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived in western North America during the Late Cretaceous Period, more than [71-66 million years ago]

The seventh episode, "Biggest Killers", introduced Albertosaurus to the series; the tenth episode, "River of Death", had two-three Albertosaurs successfully take on a herd of pachyrhinosaurs.


Smaller than its close relative, the more famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, Albertosaurus could reach up to 9 meters (30 feet) in length, stand about 11 feet tall at the hips, and weigh as much as 3 tons. It had a pair of short, powerful arms and walked on two muscular legs that ended in three-toed clawed feet (similar to those of raptor) and allowed it to move relatively quickly, at speeds of 30-40 mph. Its long, tapered tail helped it greatly with balance and agility.

Fighting styleEdit

Evidence shows that Albertosaurus lived in family packs, making it an especially terrifying predator. Its keen sense of vision and ability to move quickly on two legs helped it track and zero in on its prey. Baring its sharp dagger-like teeth (each of which had a replacement growing underneath it), Albertosaurus would rush headlong at its intended victim, grab it with its powerful jaws, and rip through its flesh; its aim was to inflict an injury that would cause its victim to bleed to death.


Like T-Rex, Albertosaurus was an apex predator, at the top of the food chain in its geographical range and time period. Its prey probably included herbivorous dinosaurs like the large but slower-moving cerotopsians like Pachyrhinosaurus and the duck-billed dinosaurs like Edmontosaurus.


  • Despite their heft and power, some Tyrannosaurids such as Albertosaurus had hollow bones, like those of a raptor, that reduced the weight of their frame and made them more mobile.


  • It bears the resemblance of a Gorgosaurus from Walking with Dinosaurs movie.